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Repair & Refurbishment

Don't Replace it, have it Repaired.

At our repair and test facility we can test and repair most electronic and electrical equipment used on Mazak and Mitsubishi CNC Machines

Spindle / Servo Amplifiers and Motors can be test run through their speed curves over a prolonged period of time, they can be set up to run at maximum efficiency and monitored for any intermittent and future problems that may arise from temperature, vibration and feedback failures.

Mazak and Mitsubishi CNC Controls boards can be set up and exercised within working CNC controls, This is ideal if there are intermittent faults reported by customers on their controls that are not easily diagnosed. We can normally have a customer up and running with one of our spare parts while their original under goes repair.

Is your Machine Tool unreliable, Looks tired, can't hold size, you have no confidence in it any more. Don't spend a fortune replacing it with a new one. Save up to 75% on the purchase price of a new Machine tool and have your old one refurbished If your Mazak has seen better days and needs an overhaul then please contact us for a quote on a complete refurbishment.

As a general insight to the process, work is done in the following areas. The machine is completely stripped and cleaned, all wearable parts such as bearings, Linear Guide ways, belts, wipers etc are replaced, new slide way guards can be manufactured if required, and the machine is re painted. Ball screws are inspected, tested for accuracy and pre load adjusted All electrical wiring and conduits are replaced, cooling fans, CRT, buttons, switches and sensors are replaced bringing the machine back to a new condition. New coolant pumps are fitted along with all the associated piping and hose.

Backed by our warranty, customers can feel secure in the knowledge that their machine will give them reliable service for many more years to come.

Disclaimer: ME Services are not affiliated to MAZAK in any way.

Repair & Refurbish

No Repeatability, No confidence, don't spend a fortune on a new one. Have your old one refurbished


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